View from my apartment

View from my apartment - student project

Thank you Mimi! This was a very informative class.

I have been exploring and playing with Procreate for maybe a year now, by doing a bunch of different Skillshare’sr classes and I feel quite confident with this program. 

I have not done any digital illustration with photoshop, but with the tips and examples you shared, I’m definitely feeling more confident to give this a go, or maybe look at using the two programs together on occasions. 

I really enjoy seeing other artists workflows, as you said there are always some new tips or things to be learnt.

This is a digital illustration I created based on a photo I took outside my bedroom window... it is not my typical style, but I like to try different things and explore.

View from my apartment - image 1 - student project

Maike x

Maike Hale
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