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My perfect customers …


Zoe, is an 19 year old college student who got into her dream school and is studying english focused in writing/ journalism with a minor in marketing.  She is a bit of a bookworm,along  with the classics her bookshelf is adorned with John Green, Sarah Dessen and Rainbow Rowell books. She is a young adult book fanatic. She considered herself a Nerdfighter and wants to make the world a better place. She decorates her dorm roon with things she loves, quotes from her favorite authors adorn her wall. Her bed is covered in linens and pillows she carefully picked out and match the cozy rug her at the foot of her bed. She keeps her room organized and cozy. Her room is the place where her friends come to watch reality tv and socialize.  


Emma, is a 31 years old and for two years now has been a buyer for a major department store in the home textile department a job she spent her 20’s slowly climbing the corporate ladder to get.  Emma hasn’t found the man of her dreams yet, but she is actively online dating and has joined several social clubs so she can meet new people.  Emma is happy with her life but she is seeking more inner peace and and the person to share it with. Emma has a puppy named Sheldon, she named after her favorite character on TV. Emma, recently decided it was time to purchase a home. She found a cute little condo in town close to the city that has access to public transportation.  Emma is budget savvy, loves a deal and is a DIY’r. She wants to make her plain condo her home and decorate it with things she loves and budget friendly. Emma wants her close group of friends to come over and make brunch in her kitchen, curl up in the living room and discuss that month's book club choice,  or just spend time watching Super Soul Sunday.


Mary, is a 41  who married her college sweetheart John right after graduation. They spend their 20’s  traveling, taking exotic trips around the world while working their way up the corporate ladder. Mary is a Director of Communications of a children’s museum, and John is a Senior Vice President of an investment firm.  Mary and John bought a fixer upper victorian house in a suburb close to the city . They spent their early 30’s renovating the house and as soon as they were almost done with the renovations they learned that they were expecting their first child after about two year of trying.  Within two years they had two children, who are now in elementary school. They are a close family that makes sure they have dinner together at the table with no distractions. Mary and John are raising their children to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Daily walks,  playtime at the neighborhood playground and healthy meals made from vegetables and fruits they either grow with their children in their backyard or buy from the local farmers market.  Mary and John have a beautiful home but not one that is decorated.  They spent the past 8 years learning to balancing  raising children's and achieving their dream careers,  but have yet to make their home feel as warm and inviting as they are. Mary is an online shopper, who like to to buy things that are handmade. When she does buy items she likes to buy local.  She doesn't have time to make things herself but she doesn't want things that look like they are from any department store. She searches for unique items that are stylish, alluring  yet are child friendly.

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Brand Questions

What do you sell?

Digital Goods ( printable stationary, wall art,)  surface pattern for printed materials (fabric, household items, accessories etc..)

Price range ?

Digital goods ( 2 to 15 dollars)   Surface patterns (12 to 200 dollars)

What are 3 words to describe you?

bookish, detailed oriented, nature/animal lover

What 3 words best describe my business?

 nature inspired, bohemian chic, word lover

 What 3 words describe my style?

 cozy, modern bohemian, hints of sparkle

 What are your favorite brands?

 Modcloth ( reinventing vintage, retro clothing designs for the modern woman in clothing and home design. I also love that they cater to all sizes.)

decor8 (love how holly took her love of decor, styling and writing and turned it into one of the most successful design blogs.)

Minted ( for their quality and supporting independent designers)

What are my customers emotional response to my brand experience?  

 I hope they find joy and inspiration from my work. I hope they cherish my work as something they took the time to pick out and consider one of their favorite possession

Where I currently sell my products?

 Etsy, and Redbubble, but under a different brand name and I plan to bring my new brand into a different artistic esthetic.

Where would I like to sell my products in the future?

 Etsy, Redbubble, Boom Boom Prints, Minted, Spoonflower, and Society 6

 Where do I see my business in?

 1 year - have 20 or more collections of surface pattern, used for surface pattern goods on sites  like (redbubble,  spoonflower and society6). Have  around 300 printable goods on Etsy.  Enter several and spoonflower challenges.  Expand my profile on social media, and starting blog/portfolio

5 years have 50 or more collections, set up a brand website with built in blog, establish a passive income.

10 years expanding my designs to the vector and graphic business. Get into licensing my own designs and extended licensing commercial use for graphics and vectors.

Who is my ideal customer/ client?

someone that wants to surround themselves with their favorite quotes of inspirational words, nature/ animal lover, loves design, feminine,

What is your brand name?

Vieira Girl

Brand Mission Statement

Life consist of moments, like when one takes pen to paper to write a thank you note knowing that your words probably will never express your gratitude, but you try anyway, and the moments you're having a rough day and you look up to see your favorite quote adorning your walls and it makes you smile, and those silent moments as you hold your favorite mug in your hands and welcome each day. We are inspired and honored to be a little part of your life moments.

Logo questionnaire

My brand name

 Vieira Girl

What I sell?

Digital Goods ( printable stationary, wall art,)  surface pattern for printed materials (fabric, household items, accessories etc..)

How I position myself in the marketplace?

affordable to mid range

My target audience? 16 to 45 year old women  who love affordable art, internet savvy, loves to shop handmade/ local.

words that best describe my brand?

nature inspired, bohemian chic, word lover

Existing logos I like and why?


My competitors are?

etsy seller and designers

Color preferences


and maybe a hint of gold

Budget in mind



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