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22, a place to organize and share your loved videos from youtube, vimeo,

I have runned int the following problem: there are a lot of sites out there tha offer videos online. So many users are posting a lot of videos but we lack an easy to use service that can bookmark and play the videos you liked at a certain moment in time. Also if you want to find the video you've watched a few days ago you may spend a lot of time searching for it. Here it comes VidStripe which helps you organize the videos you like, bookmark them for later viewing or let your friends view  them or follow your recommendations. You'll say that you can create playlists in YoTube and you get nearly the same thing. But what do you do when some of the videos are on Youtube and the others are on Vimeo or another service? You use VidStripe.

Follow VidStripe develpment here:


Created the basic pinterest app for One Month Rails (with pagination, infinite scrolling)

Changed the Pin code so that it embeds YouTube video instead of showing images.

Added a like function (now you can like/unlike pins - later edit I hve taken out the unlike button)

Added a commenting function (now you can comment on pins and see the number of comments for each pin). If you want you can follow my tutorial here to implement a commenting function to your app.

Added icons for navigation on the pin page (instead of those text links)

Added Twitter sign in/up through Omniauth

Added repin functionality

Run into the problem of too much loading time for a page of 20 videos caused by the time needed to download the videos so I removed the videos from the index view and I loaded only an image of the video (wich is smaller than the whole movie). Now videos are loading/embeded only on the show view.

Changed the top menu by adding the user avatar (after login) and when clicked it shows the Edit profile and Logout links. Also added Avatar to Users and a way to upload and change your avatar.

Added a back to top button

Added a channels scaffold that functions as pinboards. Now you can organize your videos into channels. In the future I'll develop a functionality similar to playlists for each channel.

Fixed the repin functionality (it let's you select the channel you want to post your video)

Flushed the database and reloaded test pins.

Resized the pins so that will enter max 4 pins/row

Added the search functionality so now you can search videos based on the video description. If you want to add this functionality to your app watch this tutorial.

Added pins view to channels, 

Added Vimeo video pins

Added Nokogiri

Getting thumbnail URL by scraping the vimeo video page with nokogiri

Changed the scraping way, added a new column to pins (thumbnail url) so that I do not need to scrape the vimeo page at every pins page reload.

Modified search so that it shows the most recent pins first

Added an overlay image on the pins so it looks like it is a video (not a simple image)

Added pinterest bookmarklet file and changed it for vidstripe use.

Changed the new pin file so that it works with the bookmarklet.

Added the bookmarklet link to the About page

Added the option to add Videos


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