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Katie Wynkoop

Making stuff and eating peanut butter.




So I watched this class while I was home sick from work, and when it came to starting my project I wasn't sure what to name it and didn't feel like getting up. Luckily, there was a bag from the 5 and Dime in my town sitting on my kitchen counter, and that seemed like the perfect starting point. The store is pretty vintage anyways, so it lent its name perfectly to a vintagey design.

I went with "Vidler's Elixirs" both for the alliteration and the fact that I was on an awful lot of cold medicines myself at the time.

Started with some brand definition:


Then onto sketches:


I really liked the two to the left, and inked both of them to experiment with as finals. When I blew up the bottom left one in more detail, I decided to make the inset and medallion bee-themed, since "Liquid Gold" is somethat that could describe honey, and honey's a pretty great natural healer in itself.


Photographed, vectorized, and cleaned up in illustrator:


I also wanted to make some packaging...originally had a real-life syrup bottle and was going to figure out how to bring a label for it, but it seemed easier to just make 3D packaging so I could control the shape better.  I based my bottle design off this old german (pill?) bottle.


...and then experimented with variations on my label design.




Gold Foil ^^^


Or Hexagonal^^

Hexagonal won in the end since it's honeycomb-like, but I do love the round one as well.


Render with a fancy box for the bottle to come in. This would be the ad in Prevention magazine or something.


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