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Viditude: Our Marketing Story


The name Viditude came from my niece. "Any time I think of you, I think of your positive attitude. I just combined that with video!"

I believe that video is the best way to connect with potential clients. It is a means to build a tribe by being helpful to the target potential clients ... the who. That begins with explaining your business in words that connect empathetically with potential clients ... the why. Connecting with clients by being helpful ... the how. Providing helpful information on what they care about most ... the what. Where is all that's left ... that can be everywhere ... including skillshare. Video is the most shareable of digital assets.

Seth's other course, Startup School, helped me clarify my target market. Here is the photo of what I developed in that course. See the startup school link on how I went from a career in Information Technology to Digital Video Marketing.

Now, I will learn how to market my services to bring a client's story to life and to connect with their tribe.

A little aside. I read both of Bernadette's Jiwa's books and read her blog regularly. This is the form of her's I filled out to help me determine my story.


Your Business or Brand:

Helping mid-sized businesses bring their story to life by developing the right video that connects (explains, helps, teaches) with their prospective clients.


The 11 Questions Answered:

1. What is Marketing For: To connect with potential clients in order to be able to help them improve their business...and themselves. Marketing then turns into telling their story of how video helped them gain business AND grow themselves. Because they worked with me, they received (if they choose), lessons in today's marketing, social media understanding, connecting with prospective clients, confidence to talk to the camera and better presentation skills. 

2. What am I allowed to touch: Anything. I'm a freelancer. After gaining trust, I can touch a client's story (sometimes changing and sometimes developing). Many clients see themselves as a commodity. I want to help them find how they are not.

3. What can I measure: Sales. If the marketing doesn't lead to actual sales, it's not working. Friends, likes, followers, connections have lost their meaning because so many people "connect" so you will see them. The important measurement is client referrals. Measurement for clients ... if they get unsolicited potential clients reaching out to them. 

4. What can we change? Within Viditude, anything. As far as what I can change for a potential client is anything they want me to touch (usually social media platforms...creating or changing). My clients have a better connecting story about themselves. I want to change the perception they have about their own business. 

5. What promise are you going to make? Hmmmm. I will never promise a viral video. I will promise that I will be responsive, supportive, and give them a video they can reuse on different platforms. I promise I will help them promote their video awareness. I will check in with them and how it is doing years after the delivery. I promise them I will, if they desire, challenge their current story about themselves.

6. What's the hard part? Permission (I had called this awareness in the previous project but Seth corrected me). It's a noisy world out there and I believe many people are getting tired of the pushy aspect. So, where do you find people to help. That is the hard part! Finding the right networking organization, finding the right blogs to submit articles, finding people to talk to. The Hard part for potential clients is accepting the medium of Internet Video and YouTube video. They have many misconceptions about it (and why I go out and talk about it any chance I get).

7. Should your organization be making trends or following trends? This was a very interesting question. Right now, I'd say that I'm following trends (knowing it is short-lived). Seth's video makes me want to think about this more. I just replayed the video. I'm definitely riding the YouTube video trend for new business. I do feel YouTube is still in the early adoption phase for B2B-Mid Market clients. They are still thinking it is difficult, expensive, and needs to be SuperBowl quality commercial. They are still thinking MadMen. This is also the hard part.

8. Where is the risk? For failure! For the client, stepping out of their comfort zone. That's a scary place. They are trying something new. They are being made aware of a different way to market. They are exposing themselves away from behind the brick office cube to being seen by clients, potential clients, and competitors. They risk losing their reputation.

9. Who is in charge? Me, myself, and Scarlet (my parrot). Of course the client finally decision on what type of video to create based upon the options I offer.

10. Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for? Money has been spent mostly on networking organizations. I'm still giving presentations but haven't been presenting in front of the right audience. I have something scheduled in May. Let's see how that goes.

11. How should you be spending your time? #1: Going to more networking events. Trying to clarify my market (given the new dimension from Seth's previous course). #2: Making more motion graphic examples. 


The Action Theory:

1. What Emotion am I evoking with my marketing strategy? This was interesting because I wanted to pick positive emotions. However, I sense the client's emotions that I need to tap into is mostly negative. Fear of being left behind by the competition or of not being found or chosen. Envy if a competitor is getting more business because of a video. They are also feeling confused, wary, and nervous about this new medium.

2. How do I want to make them feel (change)? Encouraged is the primary feeling. I want them to believe in themselves and how video will help grow their business. I want them to feel enthusiastic of the opportunities video (and a new story) could refrain and stimulate business growth. After working together, I want them to feel delighted both with their project, business story, and themselves. My ideas change the way they view their business.

*** HELP HERE ***

3. How am I Alerting (gaining permission, gaining trust): Oh, this has been my stumbling block. I've tried giving away for free. I've tried speaking for free. I've tried blogging (including videos), tweeting, fb meme's, guest blogging and so forth. This is where I'm stuck. I'm thinking of making a non-free course (payment is an email) on video strategy. Again, getting the word out about that will be difficult as that is the old way of interruption.


4. How do I allow clients to share their experiences with other potential clients? I introduce clients to each other. This audience is typically not social-media participants. I send individual emails hoping to grow to a monthly ezine. I do share their new video with my list and encourage them to share their video with their list of clients and colleagues (to gain likes and google juice for themselves).


The P's:

Positioning (Category): 

  • YouTube Videos (Focusing on Explainer first, growing to educational courses like these next)
  • Mid-size businesses who have $20k annual marketing budget (Focusing first on consulting companies)
  • Companies who do not have their own marketing departments and require more hand-holding

Pricing (Value):

  • Someone with 30+ years experience capturing their core and meaning quickly and be a translator and explain it to potential clients.
  • Someone willing to take the time and educate them on speaking, storytelling, the social media world.
  • Someone who enthusiastically collaborates with them achieve their goals with a video.

Placement (virtually):

  • Thinking about this new strategy: Want to create motion graphic videos for some guru's to explain some of their key points.
  • Finding Kickstarter projects I can help (idea from @Bernadette Jiwa )
  • Already on G+, Twitter, FB, YouTube, & Pinterest (a surprised successful hit)
  • Have a blog with minimal hits
  • Guest blogging (though I've had some horror stories with this approach)
  • I'm attending local mid-market networking groups (ACG, ABA). Minimal luck here.
  • Looking for places to speak on social video with the right audience. My intial try at this had too small of business attendees.


  • Nothing. Can't think of something here.


  • Nothing. Can't think of something here.


  • Not sure if this goes here or under Place: What people talk about consistently is my friendliness, enthusiasm, my ideas, and how easy it is to work with me. 


  • Nothing. Did it for a previous company. Didn't work for me.

Public Relations:

  • When I tell the story of how I came to this business, it is loved by the listener. But, it doesn't really tell a story for my video. It's not a strategy story of how video worked for me.


  • After talking with a colleague, he feels the placebo I'm talking about here is that it is perceived that video will help with google juice. It isn't that it is viral, but that it does help him/her grow their business. 
  • One story is a client who received a phone call a week after receiving his video. The prospective client said "Gee, you sound exactly like you do on your video".
  • The story, that's not mine, that I tell all the time is the story of:
  1. One story is a client who received a phone call a week after receiving his video. The prospective client said "Gee, you sound exactly like you do on your video".
  2. The story, that's not mine, that I tell all the time is the story of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo


  • Nothing at this time but a very interesting topic. The only trigger is Scarlet, my parrot.


  • Have been consistent in tweeting, status updates, and showing up with the same video tips.
  • Stand for how video is a great marketing tool and a great way to connect with potential clients and earn loyalty from existing clients.


  • Not sure if this goes here or under Purple: What people talk about consistently is my friendliness, enthusiasm, my ideas, and how easy it is to work with me. 
  • Colorful ... that's my website.
  • Facinating/Curiosity: Scarlet ... everyone wants to know more about parrots.


  • All my work is made specifically for each company. It depends upon their comfort level with the camera. It depends upon their level of risk.

People Like Us:

  • Hmmmm....I really don't know if I have the answer here but this may be the crux of my problem. Need to spend some time here.
  • People I attract are early adoptors. They are willing to try a video to see it's impact. They are comfortable with the concept of YouTube video.
  • People are comfortable with the idea of modern marketing and social media
  • People willing to participate to learn something new.

Which 3 - 7 P's am I going to focus on (still thinking about this):

  1. Positioning
  2. Placebo
  3. Persistence
  4. Personalization


Action Theory

Emotions: Experience, Fear, Want

Change: Awareness, Free, Trust, Funnel, Frequency

Alert: eMail Marketing, Social Media

Share: Word of Mouth, Persistence, Amplifier


The Talk Bubble


The Novelists Story:

  • Character: CEO of a service-based companie such as a consulting firm, accounting firm, law firm. He does hire outside advice. Being 45+ years old, he feels social media is just a fad or for his teenage kids. He fears of being on camera or the cost of commercial-level video. He talks about his firm in terms of being "just" a commodity or "good value for the price."
  • Setting: His company has a basic textual website; potentially has some images. He is on LinkedIn with individual profiles; potentially a company page as well. He or members of his company attend networking events to build relationships with potential referrals. His company does not have a business development area or a marketing department. He expects his staff to be responsibile for bringing in new business and do the work they are suppose to be doing. 
  • Plot: Referrals from existing business is working but isn't enough to carry the business. Ocassional referrals from networking relationships do come in but are rare. New business is slumping. Leads from the website are non-existent. His company is winning bids by being the lowest price. His competitor has a video on thier company website.
  • Emotions: Frustration is high. He wants more new business. He no longer wants to win low-priced bids.
  • Urgencies: Wants action sooner rather than later. Needs someone who can learn what they do quickly. Someone who can be available on their timetable.
  • Scarcities: Finding someone senior and professional who can walk them through the maze of social media and especially video. He wants someone to help collaborate in developing a customized story for his company. Someone skilled in understanding their business quickly.


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