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Videogame Badges

Hey, first, thanks for the lesson, it was really helpfull.

The topic was obvious since the beginning, I wanted to make badges about my favourites videogames.

First I started drawing the shape 


It wasn't easy to chose the final shape but the hexagon was the better choice.

The next step was to chose the colors.First I thought doing monochromatics badges with this color and with pixelart :


I wanted to make pixelart character of each game but I realised it would be dificult to identify the characters with just one color. Then I changed the colors and with the help of paletton I chose this Triad : 


Here are the badges shapes with the color :


The next step was the main drawing : I changed my mind about drawings character and pixel art. Finally it'll be items of the games with a pattern in the background. When I tried to put the item alone, I found that the badges were empty, it was missing something so the pattern seemed to be a good idea, it's another way to represent the game.

Then I draw the pattern and the main drawing. The patterns had to be a simple thing like a minor visual or a gameplay element. The main subject had to be a significant element of the game but not the major one.

When I finally drew couple of badges I decided to finalize them :

 - I had to chose the names' font. It was really dificult to chose one. After trying many of them, I finally chose Homestead with a border radius to make it more pleasant. 

- Should I make a border for the elements? it was a dificult choice again. I decided to remove the borders. (dark and mysterious reasons...)

- Last thing I have a problem with... I have to add depth on everything I draw. So again, I put a shadow in the background... But Ilike it, it seems pretty nice to me. 

So here are the final badges : 


I'll make more of these when i'll get the time. (There are plenty of another games I want to sketch).

And one thing I really want to do, is making them shine. I'll do it soon... as soon as I find my animation window in Photoshop.

(check it on Behance)


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