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Video Wizardry

Developing the 'more text' part

this part was tricky!!!

more 'lights/hollywood'


i'm not sure about the camera line drawing now.... i think it needs something stronger.... like a nice logo.... also, is the grey too light??

2nd part - more text

Just looked around at the stuff on my desk to come up with the words.... I'm horrible at Illustrater apparantly

i wanted to add a small graphic element...

2nd stage - 3 very basic choices.... 2 different fonts

i have a problem, i like the a/lower case more on the bottom bard, but there's something about the all caps of the SanScala that i can't let go of....

The beginning!!!! I remember Graphic Design classes in Art school and how tight and rigid they were.... i didnt appreciate it then.... so i picked Fine Art and photography, where i could be much looser and free-er with my work....

I am now finding a need and a desire to learn good Graphic Design for a number of reasons... I feel that i can look at something and say if its well or badly designed, but i don't know why.... and that means i can't create well designed things, or if i do its by accident...

Loved the explanations as to the thought process in the videos, very inspiring.

Here goes everything.....

Step One (screenshot so ignore the grey)


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