Video Games Never Played

Video Games Never Played - student project

I decided to make a Zine about my first experience doing a Zine.

Here is the story:


How I lost it all by doing a Zine.

In 1992, I was 10 years old and living in a small village in North of France.
I talked with my then best friend Ugo about making a fanzine with our passion for video games.
The problem was that we didn’t have any access to new released video games except in magazines. So, we did our best to gather, cut interesting pictures and texts from it to fill our fanzine.
We reviewed 8 video games that we never played, based on our appreciation of pictures and mostly copy of what the magazine said.
I did my best at drawing my favorite hero Sonic for the cover, a fake barcode, an ad, and of course a price, 5 francs.

We were so proud!

My Mom thought it was a great idea, she took it to her work, and then we had now 5 copies of our « VIDÉO games » Fanzine.
In the village, we walked door to door, trying to sell our master piece, but nobody wanted it except a suspicious old lady.
We spent the 5 francs right away in delicious candies and gums.

The week after, at school, my dear teacher asked me about the fanzine. He told me it was forbidden to do this, and police could fine me or my parents for doing so. I had to promise him I will never ever do it again.

Ugo never talked me back, and I threw away all copies.

I felt so ashamed, angry and devastated.

28 years laters, I found a forgotten copy and played all 8 never played video games and made a zine about it.


Here is the Zine for this class:

Video Games Never Played - image 1 - student projectVideo Games Never Played - image 2 - student projectVideo Games Never Played - image 3 - student projectVideo Games Never Played - image 4 - student projectVideo Games Never Played - image 5 - student projectVideo Games Never Played - image 6 - student project

I've chosen to illustrate video games found in the Zine and associate a video game character with one character of my own story.

The back of the Zine is the original Fanzine the story is about


What do you think of the concept, of my story? Do you get the feeling out of it?

Any kind of comments are always appreciated!


Thank you Kate for giving me an opportunity to express this and cheers to you all,


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