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ViddyGraph is a mobile app designed to connect fans with the people they admire most. Viddygraph will be a leader in next generation products and services that give consumers the tools to communicate with the people they otherwise couldn’t.

The memorabilia industry is primed for a digital revolution. The ways to engage and connect with people you admire are poised for a transformation —moving towards a world of new and hyper personal digital experiences. Fan interaction has always centered on enabling memorable moments. We think there is a better way to connect fans with influencers.

Problem Hypothesis

Our buyers (fans) want (do not have) the ability to connect with their idols and celebrities. 

Solution Hypothesis

We assume that providing users with the ability to request personal messages from their idols and favorite celebs will work for the customer because we believe the everyday fan doesn’t have access to those people to be true.

Assumptions about users

1. Users will buy expensive digital products on their smart phones

2. Users will pay to get personal access to their idols, celebs and influencers

3. A-level Idols, celebs and influencers will want to spend time replying to their fans for money

Riskiest Assumption


MVP Option

Create landing page asking users if they would pay for access and messages from their idols

Data to collect

Clicks on product categories

conversions to signup to get more information

Clicks on who buyers are most interested in getting messages from


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