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Vida - Fair Trade Clothing

Vida will use its leased space at a high traffic mall to sell high quality, fairly traded cotton clothes to consumers.

Clothing is designed by a talented local designer. It is simple but unique and highly fashionable. All products are made from organic cotton.

Clothing will be manufactured en masse in a factory in Colombia. Workers will be well paid for their contributions.

The business will focus on high quality, fashionable cotton wear. Sweaters, dresses, hoodies, t-shirts. Customers will be 14-24 year old women.

 Many of the retail staff will be volunteers. They will be girls in highschool or university who are excited to volunteer for an organization that cares about honoring the women who make the products. Through volunteering, these girls will:

  • Learn skills
  • Build their resumes
  • Become the brand ambassadors for the products
  • Have the chance to go on a yearly trip to visit the manufacturing site
  • Begin to shift the conversation among their peers about what fair business should look like

 The business will not be able to compete on price. The advantage the business will have is through its motivated, well-trained volunteer base and uniquely designed clothes. This will allow it to overcome its cost disadvantage on the manufacturing side. The key to the business model will be providing a highly rewarding volunteer experience in order to build brand ambassadors.

This model will begin at a major retail location in Calgary and grow to other locations as the model is refined and improved upon.  

Vida will accomplish three objectives

  • Offer a customer a piece of clothing they will be delighted with
  • Provide a meaningful job to a worker in a factory
  • Change the conversation among the next generation around how they can change the world by making a good purchase at their next trip to the mall.


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