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Vida Mountain

My project is to create a logo for a mountain resort located in Costa Rica. It's being built in a small town near San Ramón. The days are quiet and peaceful and the focus of the business will be health and wellness, and will feature yoga and health classes.

I am on the first lesson of the class and have been sketching logo ideas, trying to get a feel of the name Vida Mountain. Vida meaning life. Mountains being the physical location.

I started to like the feel of a script typeface for "Vida".. letting it breathe and flow. And having "Mountain" in something that felt stable and provided strength and grounding for the lightness Vida.

There are many vultures and parrots and other birds here. The vultures especially are common to see, soaring with their wings open over the hills.

I was trying to think of simple form that would be able to embody words such as sunrise, sunset, rain, lush, green, valley, cloud, mountain, energize, alive, health, wellness, renew, relax, breath, fresh air, courage, birds, dogs, dream, success, life, love, kindness, sauna, pool, yoga.

I did a lot of the sketches before arriving on location, but now am having the opportunity to breathe the everyday-ness of this place. The fog every morning is beautiful, I tried washing out some of the letters to see if that might be interesting. Not sure how I feel about it yet...

The roads here are red dirt or gravel, they really stand out in the green terrain. However, the roads will be paved but the shape of the road will stay the same mostly.

I thought wrapping one around the other might work. Again, not sure how I feel about it. Below is a photo I took, showing the red roads.

I am finding that knowing how to bring these ideas into one simple form that looks professional is very difficult! 

Morning coffee/tea... 

Mixing and matching genres of type. Trying to simplify.

Testing a mix & match of a few ideas..

Updates: I'm getting the feeling that I need to be heading in a Less Picture, More Typeface direction with this project. They do not want mountains in the logo, and want more of a clean appearance that is easy to read. Researching typeface is proving quite time-consuming so I am still working on that part!

A few new ideas that got some positive feedback:

I was reading up on colour psychology and picked these to represent individuals who are targeted as customers/visitors.

Purple for corporate personality. Orange excitement for adventure personality. Yellow warmth for retired personality.

The colours sit on yoga mats (one of the activities offered here will be yoga classes). There is a continuity; so if you come in as one personality, there is no reason to remain in that spot. There is room for change within yourself.

The yoga will be overlooking the valley and these colour can often be found in the sunsets and sunrises.

The next ones are influenced by a specific logo that had 1) green lettering and 2) a simple grey pictorial part over the top.

These were also met with positivity. Especially the top one.

I was hoping to create a mood board as in the class example. Still working on that. My next goals are to get information on which typefaces I might use, and have a mood board to spring even more logo ideas to test. The journey continues!


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