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Victorian Concept

Quick Concepts:

I think this turned out pretty well considering this is the first time I've worked concepts like this. It was rather fun making up the poses and working so simply.

Refining 1:

Refining 2:

My concept sketches have sort of moved away from Victorian and are starting to become more Couture. Who knows what it will morph into by the end, though?


Another change! This was really interesting to do and I enjoyed it quite a bit. (Hence the five variations instead of three...) I have a pretty good idea of which one I'm going to use for the finished design, though. 


I like how this turned out, but I'm thinking my canvas was too small. It was tricky trying to refine something that's blurry when zoomed in.

Did you guys crop yours in or scale it up every time you moved onto a different stage?


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