Victoria Egan

Mission Statement 

Hey, I'm Victoria! I'm an artist and singer from Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my artist lifestyle channel!!
Come learn with me as I try to figure out this whole artist thing.

+ Check out work I've created and how I did them
+ Learn new ways to expand your creativity
+ Get inspired by life
+ and join the conversation!

 What My Channel is about

I noticed a pretty big demand for artist advice and artist lifestyle youtubes. There's tons of beauty gurus everywhere, but a pretty small group of artists. The one's that are on there do a lot of daily vlogging of their lives, and a lot of speed drawings. I'd like to include some of that, but make it more exciting by also having rants and group conversations with my art friends about inspiring and motivational art topics. I want my channel to a be place being so to learn more about being an artist, and get inspired to keep at it! 

Content Strategy Principals

  1. Shareability: Making videos about art makes it a self reflection channel for other artists to relate with. This uses the BuzzFeed sharing principal, because not only can they be part of a community, but they also can connect their personality with my videos so they are likely to share. Having some content thats informational, and some content thats visually appealing will hopefully help shares.
  2. Conversation: A big basis of my channel will be my opinion on things, but I shouldn't look at that as being the only one that exists. I should encourage the comment section to divulge their opinions on if art school is worth it, which brand has the best pens, and whether they think modern art is worthy of praise. I would also like to ask people to comment video ideas on what they'd like to see me talk about. Occasionally I will also ask for Q&A comments for the next video.
  3. Interactivity: Asking opinions and having shareable content will hopefully mean the interactivity will grow.
  4. Consistency: I do want my channel to be pretty ranging, but at the same time I need to keep consistency. I will attempt to make series so there is some connections between particular videos. However, no matter how the format may change video to video, it will always feature me and be talking about art/creativity.
  5. Targeting: My target market is young emerging female artists. Some in college/high school, some already completed. They are looking for advice or a relatable channel.
  6. Sustainability: I will try to ensure that I film both easy to film videos and harder videos equally spread out to keep up with the schedule/demand. I will aim to post one video weekly.
  7. Discoverability: I luckily have less competition than some genres. I will attempt to use the tool to make sure my video titles show up quickly in search.
  8. Accessibility: I will always try to look at my videos as the first video someone sees of me.
  9. Collaboration: Could potentially collaborate with Audra Auclair, JellieBee, Frannerd, Kat Valk, SemiSkinnedMin for some kind of art collab challenge. I can also get my group of art friends to participate in conversations to make them more interesting for viewers and get more organic conversations going. (Podcast type videos)
  10. Inspiration: This is my passion in life, and I find i'm a big advice person. So combining them I have so much excitement and interest in the channel.


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