Victor Szepessy Artist Page - 3 Improvements

Victor Szepessy Artist Page - 3 Improvements - student project


Thanks for the great course!

I am trying to improve the reach of my artist page:

I've learned a lot from this course. I've never understood what to do with insights before. I realised there was potentially valuable data, but I was not sure how to analyse it. Of course, it also helps that I have been posting a little while now so that there is actually something to analyse.

My 3 improvements:

1.Post more often.

2.Publish posts between 12 - 15 (GMT). 

3.Increase length of posts.

I think LikeAlyzer was a good tip, as it quickly and easily showed the problem aspects of my page activity.

I look forward to seeing the results after implementing these changes.

All the best,


Victor Szepessy

Artist and Illustrator