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Handcrafted Vegan Leather Goods.

Why The Name?

The name Victor + Alexander comes from my grandfathers Victor McLeod and Alexander Quilon. Victor, who lived in a small town in North Carolina, was a loving husband and a hardworking father of six. Alexander, a fisherman from the Philippines, worked hard to keep his wife and six kids happy and satisfied. These men, both living across the world from one another, had one thing in common: dedication to their families. This dedication is honored through the creation of Victor Alexander. Through design and creativity Victor Alexander hopes to inspire all who visit.

What is Victor + Alexander?

Victor + Alexander is a design and lifestyle blog first. Covering style, home, art, and travel, Victor + Alexander strives to be one of a kind while exploring the world of design through a unique perspective. The style of Victor + Alexander would be descirbed as minimalism sophisticated. 

Second Victor + Alexander is an online storefront selling handcrafted men’s and women’s vegan leather bags. Each bag is carefully designed, planned and handcrafted one by one to ensure its quality and perfection. Victor + Alexander bags are proudly handmade by myself. I believe a handmade product reflects the creative spirit of the individual who made it.


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