Vibrant Mosaics

Vibrant Mosaics - student project

I absolutely loved the class by Ana Victoria. I not only learnt a new technique but also a new passion. One thing i realized is that mosaics are a beautiful way to pop in a lot of color in a small space, which is usually not possible in a medium like watercolors. I made two mosaics.

The first one was a basic design very similar to the examples shared by Ana in the tutorial. This was to practice and understand the technique. 

The second was a project that took me almost 3 days to finish! but this something I'm really happy with :) 

You can check out my Instagram profile @artbyashni for more artwork

@Ana thanks for the delightful lesson! :)

 Vibrant Mosaics - image 1 - student project

 Vibrant Mosaics - image 2 - student project