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Via Crucis, Mexico

There is an old town in Sinaloa State, México like so many other towns, where they do the station walk before finally end with the crucifixion.

It is a quiet old town among the mountains, hidden, you really have to know where it is placed otherwise you'll pass it over just as I did.

This is the first time I walk around so many people following the final "Jesus steps", praying.. and reliving the suffering.

I saw different types of architecture, a lot of abandoned houses, and one made of mud (Photo 1), which had fallen down...

I thought to myself "this is so absurd" ... how in this town can be playing something so violent? and someone told me "education" beyond cultural knowledge, this is so children under catholic praxis know how it all happened... (I say playing because it was like a theater play of some sort, with young people volunteers).

The sun was burning our heads, I was very tired and dehidrated, and yet kept on walking... "curiosity"? I don't know..

I tried to get "the best photos" but everybody had their cellphones and cameras, everybody wanted to be up front "taking the best picture"... our intentions where different somehow, they were there for the walking and the faith, I was there... out of curiosity (and accompaning my mother)...

I stepped onto horse poop for the photo of Jesus... got me upset.. asked myself "what am I doing??" but still kept on shooting photos, it was a cool the experience because I am mexican-japanese, my mother and father are "hafu", my father used to be more buddhist-like with mantras and other stuff..

BUT MY MOTHER, she has blended with her mexican side so amazingly, tried to be more like her mother, so she follows catholicism (very vividly)... I don't follow religion that much, but do believe in so many things and gods, and nature... so, social life causes me great deal of curiosity, observation, and knowledge, because sometimes I fit as a mexican, sometimes I don't, and I guess that is my japanese side...

However, the story of Jesus alone is very hard and sad when thinking about humans and their lack of humanity in their actions, I mean, we still act pretty much as violent as in the old days (no, I haven't read the bible)

Anyways... I need to work on my storytelling, because above all, it was an interesting experience.


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