Vetiver Gig Poster

Vetiver Gig Poster - student project

I've always enjoyed Vetiver's sound and vibe.

Acoustic based with an Indie/Americana/Folk sound, but not in a cheesy way. They don't have any upcoming shows currently but I'm going to use the last show they played as inspiration for the gig I will be designing a poster around. 

Gig Info:

A series of New Years Eve shows. In San Francisco, CA. There is a 3-night combo option.

I think it would be really cool to design 1 poster in 3 different color palletes for the 3-night combo option people. You could collect the whole set or just the one from a single night.

The band was formed by head song writer Andy Cabic in San Fransisco. I want to capture the feeling of the city and their music in the poster.

David Garvin

Art Director at Krochet Kids intl.