Nikki Jouppe




Very informative!

I'm a beginner but trying to get started designing for Spoonflower and other print-on-demand sites. I love illustrating and it's so exciting to find an application for all my doodles!

I completed my project on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil using Paintstorm app for my digital drawings and also for manipulating layers (it is an awesome app because you can make a repeating tile "live" as you draw!)

Dylan very clearly described how different "grounds" work to make a pattern more complex and I enjoyed her explanation. This was the missing link in making my repeat patterns look more sophisticated.


So this pattern I made as my class project was a "quickie" but it was fun to experiment with different abstract motif groups interacting and overlapping.

Although I have barely dipped my toe into illustrator (i feel the monthly cost is daunting) I was able to take the concepts she discussed to a different platform, and I'm excited to upload more designs to Spoonflower and Redbubble! Check out my designs, my shop name is Nikalola.



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