Very first full illustration

Very first full illustration - student project

I feel this project is THE symbol of all the good that Skill Share has done to me: combining Laci Jordan's tips on finding your style + practical steps from Claire Lordon on developing a character for child illustration + amazing motivation by Emma Gannon
So I'm proud today to share the very first steps of my journey illustrating songs I sing to my daughter.
The first (and only for now!) one is called "the bird and the bubble".


PS: you're the first ones I'm actually showing this to. And you know what? It feels SO good to put this out there ;) 


Very first full illustration - image 1 - student project

Very first full illustration - image 2 - student project


Now I think it's done....

Here is the final artwork:
Very first full illustration - image 3 - student project

I'd love to hear your feedback and tips if any. Thanks

The goal would be to create a few of those and print a book for my daughter. Maybe she will have it in 10 years :)

Csil PH
Artist, feminist and comms specialist