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Very Strawberry Pattern

One of my favorite things living in Norway is the taste of Norwegian strawberries in the summer. I also think the plants are very pretty, I like how they spread low, the white little flowers and the redness of the fruit. So I thought they woud be good models for my very first pattern.


I have to say, I struggled a bit to get it to look how I wanted. Probably because I didn't really know what I wanted. I made a mood board but I ended up going in a very different direction after that. But when I managed to get colors and a flow that I liked, I couldn't stop at one. So here are my secundary and blender patterns. I made a collection :)

Secundary pattern






I sketched with pencils and then tried to trace the sketches on my iPad but it felt too stiff. So I used my Wacom directly on Illustrator instead. I used the blob brush tool for the first time. That was fun.

Here are some of my sketches




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