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Versatile Quadruped and Biped Furred Race

Hey everyone!

I'm not really new to creature designing however this process of doing things is a bit different to how I do things.

For my Project I had a rough idea already of what I wanted to achieve; a versatile quadruped and biped little critter to be the top sapient being on a planet. I wanted to keep it a bit fantasy while still looking a little alien. Best of both worlds!

I had a look up on animals that can do both while adding a bit of a mix. This was mainly me really trying to pick out a rough shape and look. I don't have many options here as the body I will rough out after I've figured out the head stage.

I really liked the red panda mix one. It's got an almost monkey but feline feel to it. So I'm going to go with that one for a rough shape.

Using a mix of Red Panda, Coati and Fossa for the rough face shape I started to mess with noses and ear combos. Each face has a different nose/ear. Trying to look for something that says 'alien' without being totally obvious until you look harder.

And here is where I narrowed it down...And then went ' They all look cool... I can't pick!' So here is where I'm stuck.

After this I'll start roughing out the body in a similar way of doing things (adding, changing and deforming to fit the face). But for now any feed back on which face you think works best would be great!

Part 2: Body Structure and Research!

Before I decide on a face I did some sketches of a few different body builds  to help me decide on a good starting shape.

Since I went with a red panda-ish face I decided to go with the red panda build while mixing in a bit of rabbit for the back legs and monkey for the arms.

Since I had a few ideas I did some studdies of a moth's antenna and guppy's fins.

As well as a study of a red panda for good measure!

Next is finalising the Face and Body and making it look a bit more unique and Alienish!

Part 3: Finalised body build. Decided that they will have orange blood (Vandium Chromagen)

Do you guys think I need to add anything else?

Edit: I almost forgot to upload this here! I did a lot of reworking the face and did a bit of  background work. Ended up making up a race sheet for these little guys.

I guess next is a Sa'en in its natural home!


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