Versailles, now and then

Versailles, now and then - student project

Day 1 - Just found the title so far... still choosing the picture !

Day 2 - Picture found ! My goal would be to relate on a map of Versailles the link between past and present. Versailles, where I live, is full of history but is also a contemporary city. I like the contemporary exhibitions at the Chateau, mixing past and present such as Murakami or this summer the Portuguese artsit Joana Vasconcelos.

Versailles, now and then - image 1 - student project    Versailles, now and then - image 2 - student project

My Hand map draw of Versailles, trying to show the different part of the city: Chantiers/Notre Dame/St Louis/Montreuil. The city is part in 2 by the Avenue de Paris, therefore the Chateau is really the center of attention as it meant to be !

Versailles, now and then - image 3 - student project

Projet Cours des Senteurs à Versailles

Versailles, now and then - image 4 - student project

La Cour des Senteurs should open in 2013/2014. It is the city new project to drive tourists from the castle to the city and let them discover a part of Versailles they ner visit : quartier St Louis. It should inspire my map project in 2 ways :

- Theme of fragrance and perfume. Linked to the monarchy but also to the differnet gardens of the city. Also you probably don't know but the French national school of perfume is situated in Versailles. It is calles ISIPCA.

- Hidden Versailles. Most part of Versailles is unfortunately hidden by the castle. When getting out of the train from Paris or on the way back to the train station there are many gems to discover which I would like to point out on a map.

Versailles, now and then - image 5 - student project

A map of Trianon made last year, may inspire me again :)

Have now all the resources to check out. Will spend all afternoon on the net it seems ! Tomorrow will go for a picture walk on versailles street if not snowing too much.

Perfume in Versailles :

-End of week 1-

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