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Vers x Johnny Cupcakes

It wasn’t often that I was able to hear a lecture on campus that specifically addressed what I want to pursue after college, which is establishing a clothing line. Since 2009, my uncle and I have been working on our brand, Vers Clothing.  As I saw flyers throughout the dorms mentioning Johnny Cupcakes coming to share his journey to success, I was ready to watch and take notes for our brand. I was able to sneak in and talk to Johnny himself right before the event, and to no surprise he was able to give me some valuable advice for Vers, and even compliment it! He suggested that we always remain diverse, and never corner the brand in the sense of limiting it to only one market. I appreciated his insight, but even more his charisma and push to see others succeed.  

Being in the audience was quite the experience, but being called out during his speech was incredible. He mentioned how important it is to understand and differentiate your clothing line as so many people have one; then went on to shout me out and told everyone how we talked about my line. He inspired many that evening with just saying if he could do it, so could we. I left that lecture wondering how long it would take before I could collaborate with Johnny Cupcakes. After seeing this contest – I’m hoping much sooner than later.

Since JC complimented our logo, we decided to incorporate it with cupcakes. We landed on the idea of having our logo eating the cupcakes that are designed on the t-shirts he is surrounded by. So many people till this day still think JC sells cupcakes, so we figured our logo would also be fooled. We imagined our logo seeing a fresh batch of shirts with cupcake designs on them and eating them,  believing they were real. The design is a work in progress and we welcome any feedback. 

We are getting closer to the final design! We made sure to add more detail and now believe the design would be more bold on a red shirt. Not only are the hands and face more defined, but even the tees on the ground are wrapped around his paws now. Adding a V onto the cupcake represents the collaboration, with the one letter of course standing for Vers. 



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