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Sofa and Coffe Table Before and After

The sofa was done pretty quick. It feld easy to follow Justina's principles and I love the outcome a lot better than before!

But it took me days to find a satisfying solution for the coffe table. I tried all kinds of styles and figgured, I love colors, it really needs to be colorful!

Sofa and Coffe Table Before

Sofa and Coffe Table After

How do you like the outcome?




Console Before and After

This week when baby is sleeping, the decorating fever is in my house! I'm already loving this class! Here's a before shot of part of my living room. It doesn't really serve any needs, but I made one up ;-)

This is before.

And this is after.

Color: Purple wall and gold

Botanicals: On the floor and on the console

Shape: Square picture frames make a circle, candles are circles

Bling: Picture frames and watering can

Needs: Watering Can ... Haha what do ya think?

Texture: Rug

Patern: Furr

Placement: Pair of three




This goes to Valerie Mangum who left this comment the other day: "your sofa and coffee table look lovely! such a wonderful place for a child, i'd imagine, as it's so bright and cheerful and comfy! i love the color combinations between your throw pillows and coffee table :)". I wanted to share with you all:

Valerie, you know you actually help me think over our livingroom as a non-child room. We kept her outside, because it is not babysafe at all and we only stood in here when she was asleep. Your comment really made me think that that's so rediculous! Such a beautful room and our most precious family member needs to stay out? No way! I worked on the savety and the doors are open now. She LOVES the room! And i love beeing in here at daytime with her. She even pets the plant so softly, she really appreciates my action. Thank you all for your comments!


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