Vermont Round

Vermont Round - student project

This is the first project I've done on this website, so I don't have much to go with it! I am really excited to work on more of these lessons every day!


I wanted to theme mine after the largest impact on my life. Vermont. I lived there until I was 18, and nothing is quite as beautiful as that state.


I ended up keeping a bit to the mold, but I decided to have a little fun with an outline of a popular mountain there, (Mt. Mansfield,) and capturing some maple leaves for the famous Vermont maple syrup!


The colors remind me a bit of the very road signs you get in that state seeing as they ban billboard ads. The state is literally named Green Mountain (Vert-mont.)


I would appreciate any critique as I go so that I can get better! I'm more skilled in Photoshop than Illustrator.Vermont Round - image 1 - student project