Vermont Maple syrup Label

Vermont Maple syrup Label - student project

Vermont Maple syrup Label - image 1 - student projectVermont Maple syrup Label - image 2 - student projectThe product is Vermont Maple syrup (sugar free) I want to create a new label for there jars. 

This company has been around Since 1915,"We are proud to be the largest packer of Pure Maple Syrup in the USA". 

Tapping the Tree : The magnificent rock maple, hard maple, or sugar maple tree (acer saccharum) are the sources of the sap which is converted to Maple Syrup. 

Boiling the Sap :The boiling of the sap takes place in a “sugarhouse”. This is a simple building that shelters boiling operations that is usually uninsulated, with a steam vent in the roof, a concrete floor and space for the evaporator, fuel (either wood or oil) to heat the evaporator and sap storage. The sugarhouse is often located at the base of a hillside and accessible by a road.

It is this boiling process that produces the great maple flavor.


Vermont Maple syrup Label - image 3 - student projectVermont Maple syrup Label - image 4 - student projectI am also a fan of the product, I use it on my pancakes and waffles. 

 What is interesting is the process and where its made. 

The product is for everyone and is sold in supermarkets and specialty shops.

Comes in all sizes.