Vera "Reaper" Avery: A Character Study

Basic Description:

Name: Vera Avery

Nicknames: Vey, “The Reaper”

Birthday: October 8th, 1693

Occupation: Pirate Captain of the Machiavelli

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Devon, England

Significant Other: None

Family: Father is a deceased famous pirate known as Henry Every. Thought to have hidden vast amounts of treasure before he died. Her mother and herself were estranged at a young age. Vera does not remember much about her. Vera’s sister is Leandra Avery, older than her by four years, and estranged at the age of 17.

Physical Description: Vera is of medium average height, 5'5" but is packed with muscle from her occupation and life as a pirate. She can take down a man in arm wrestle twice her size (provided he has some alcohol in him). Her face is elegant and she has one silver scar running along her cheek from a bar brawl. Vera’s eyes and hair are both a warm dark brown and her skin is naturally tanned from the sun.

Personality Traits:

Pirates are a hardy and strong people, and quite voracious with a certain amount of bloodlust, too. They are also overwhelmingly mostly male. And because Vera is female, and a pirate captain at that, she is well respected and treated by the men like one of their own because she has proven herself several times over that her position was earned and not given. Not someone to be messed with, she has no inclination to follow the King's law and adheres to no one but the Pirate code and her crew. She is strong-willed and clever, which are her main attributes keeping her alive.


Vera’s habits correlate directly to her likes, which includes knives, drinking, and everything having to do with pirates. It is not uncommon for her to have a knife on her at all times, because she enjoys using them to pick the dirt from underneath her fingernails. Vera tends to grind her teeth when she is nervous or angry and when scared she has a tendency to cry, which is something the captain hates because she views it as a sign of weakness.


Daughter of Henry Every, a pirate that would eventually be one of the most famous in history, Vera held up her reputation as his daughter from an early age. Her sister Leandra however, was more soft than Vera was, but the eventual pirate loved her for it. Her older sister always made sure to take care of Vera, and she would try to do anything to protect her.

They moved and lived in the busy town of London, scraping by for years and living a small but fun life of a family edging on poverty. Vera thought that there were more things you could appreciate if you didn't have any money. She especially enjoyed seeing the looks on merchants faces when she snagged an apple or a necklace and their item sell didn't amount to the money that was in their coffer. Vera's pick pocketing helped put food on their table, so Leandra kept silent about her worries and disapproval.

When a man came into their lives, and a pirate at that, everything changed. Vera hated pirates because of her father. So, when Leandra kept quiet about their affair and Vera found out, she hurt the man in retaliation. Angered, Leandra threw Vera out and told her she never wanted to see her again. Her love towards the man had made her angry, and although she would have eventually forgave Vera, the little sister didn't see it that way.

Within a week she found a place to stay and a job to feed herself in Plymouth, a rising port city to the south east of London. It was there that she met a band of men that would eventually change her life. Kidnapping her into their crew, the pirate captain kept her safe from the other men and force her to do menial labors aboard the ship. As she grew up with them, she would eventually join them. They absolved her hatred of piracy and pirates, as soon she would become their captain, and the truest definition of a pirate.


-gambling (off ship)

-accepting duels

-lashing out when her pride is hurt

-really good looking men and women

-spending too much money

-slightly narcissistic

Internal Conflict:

Very self-conscious of her status as a woman pirate, and although she sends out an air of arrogance, she is always worried that she will never be strong enough to lead her men. Because of this, Vera distances herself from everyone which causes more problems than not. She remains close enough to assure loyalty, but allowing someone to be too close would hurt her the way her sister did when she was younger.