Venice remembrances

Venice remembrances - student project

Hi everyone! I'm Kleyar, a creative and maybe excessively romantic girl who loves drawing and hand-made works like this one. I realized my illuminated box for my boyfriend's birthday representing our most special moment. When I was thinking about this project, sketching a lot the different paper layers, I wanted to try something different from a mysterious and magical forest, making my box even more personalized and unique. I'm extremely satisfied and proud of the result! Thank you so much Kateryna Zoriana for making this possible, I couldn't have done it without your class!

Next, I'll share some step-by-step photos and few close-ups of the final product.

Venice remembrances - image 1 - student projectThis is the final "rough sketch" in which I lastly defined the concept I wanted to create!

Venice remembrances - image 2 - student projectHere I was carefully assembling everything (at first I struggled a little bit because the paper cards were slightly too big for my box).

Venice remembrances - image 3 - student projectAnd finally, here's the result! I personally think this looks so soft and creates such a dreamy atmosphere...I can't wait to challenge myself again with some other illuminated boxes as I had a lot of fun!

If you want to support me in my other works or just want to let me know you have seen this project, I posted this also on Instagram (@kleyar_drawings)!

Thank you! ♡

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