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Afi O.

I just want to create.




The poster I have chosen to work with:


I went through many posters before choosing to work with this one. Some of the other ones I choose was the movie poster for Grave of Fireflies which is one of the many masterpieces to come out of Studio Ghibli, a poster advertising chocolate that featured Salvador Dali, and a vintage parisian advertisement for some perfume, just to name a few. In the end I chose this travel ad that advertises Venice, Italy. I chose it not only because I'm a bit of a wanderlust, but also because I thought it was nice blend of simpicity that would allow me to used the new methods I learned, and challenge since I am a complete beginner.


I started with the confidence that I could do this, but as I began I did hesitate every so often. I began this project during my finals week, so the formatting was done over the course of several days. I found myself using the pen tool a whole lot more than I had expected, I'd say I am probably most comfortable using this tool. I was unsure how to approach the man, so hopefully my approach proved to make my work easy.

Please give advice or suggestions, I'd really appreciate it as I continue to finish my poster.



Spent 2 days adding in details and correcting colors. Doing the man was definitely the hardest, I was unsure on how to go about the bright highlights on his shirt, hopefully the outcome is plausible. The next step is to add in the font, textures, and attempt the sky. I am completely unsure how to go about the sky, so if anyone has any tips, feel free to leave some.


Final Work:

Here is the final piece, it's a little rough, but I'm really proud of the results being this was my first time ever opening Illustrator. Honestly I did reach a place where I said to myself that I kind of wish I could just be done. Maybe I might go back to it in the future and make edits, like make the sky a little more realistic.



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