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Lawrence Brooks

Vendictus Clothing




1. Lawrence Brooks /Milwaukee , Wi


3. "It's not just a brand it's an Identity"

Vendictus was created after returning home from a trip to Miami. Sitting at the computer, I opened yet another rejection email for a corporate, in-house graphic designer gig I had applied for to read those infamous words... "I regret to inform you that even though you are a talented individual we feel someone else if more qualified." I sat back in my chair for a moment contemplating my next move.  With headphones in ears, I opened up Adobe Illustrator and went to work. Several shape configurations later... Voila..eyes were staring back at me. They were eyes full of determination; eyes that represented the, "Can't stop, won't stop" attitude. What the eyes were saying was so clear, that I decided to couple them with a mask. Masks hide a true identity. They leave things open for one's imagination. Even though I loved what the eyes were saying, something needed to be left open for interpretation.

The face on my computer screen needed a name. It commanded something dark but with a positive meaning. No such word existed. Out of the V-shape of the eyes was born Vendictus. A word that came from my own interpretation, my own imagination. What it represented to me was this: an individual chasing or pursuing his or her dream and making sure it happens by any means necessary. I wanted the entire design and name to make it possible for each individual wearing it to be able to decide what their true "Vendictus" identity was.



1. I choose to go with a white and black theme for two reasons one the colors represent sophistication and secondly because they match up with anything. Casual/hiphop/skater/

2. These will be screen printed/flockprinted tee's on different blends of t-shirts (100% cotton , 60/40, polyester..ect.( Mens and Womens prints)

3. I have the basic logo pieace that can be worn for years, its an original and strong design, I also have some stand out pieaces such as the flag and gas mask shirt for the fact of being trendy but also a well desined pieace. Tanks as well beacuse it is a summer/back to school collection.

4. Price for the T's will range from $22-27 and the end game is to get T's polo's and highend fashion pieaces that will be priced $30-40. Finnaly ending up with jeans ranging from $34-60



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