Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - student project

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 1 - student project

In less than two weeks Mr M, our pup Daisy and I head to Cap Ferret, on France's south-west coast, by bike.

The 'hand-drawn' map I will make is for us to take with us so we don't get lost.

The 'final project' map will be a this map developed more creatively with added personal tips and insights after visiting Cap-Ferret for future visitors to use.


Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 2 - student project

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 3 - student projectParis, by Marisa Suguin: http://marisaseguin.com/paris.html

+ Watercolour, imprecise, no negative/ white space

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 4 - student projectTaco Food Trucks, by Michael A Hill: http://mapsillustrated.blogspot.fr/2012/08/take-taco-tour.html

+ Illustrated food

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 5 - student project

Tokyo, by Priscilla Nielson: http://www.lmnop.com.au/2011/11/city-tour-tokyo/

+ Multi-media (paper clip) & girl on bike

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 6 - student project

Wedding invitation, by Anna Bond, Rifle Paper Co.: http://riflepaperco.com/

+ Motifs & hand-lettering

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 7 - student project

Arnold CIrcus, 3D work, by Olivia Bargman: http://livbargman.co.uk/

+ 3D, crafted, paper, cut outs, fonts, EVERYTHING, AMAZING!

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 8 - student project

Amalfi Coast for Condé Nast Traveller, by Heather Gatley: http://www.heathergatley.co.uk/Maps-1

+ Fonts, lemon motif, town illo, town names and pointers, LOVE!

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 9 - student project

Philidelphia by Grace Lee for Anthology Magazine, issue 10, Winter; www.graceleeillustrator.com/2013/02/anthology-magazine-issue-no10-winter.html

+ Cutest illos, fonts


Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 10 - student project


Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 11 - student project

  • Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? A gift? To showcase my favorite places? Etc.

For fun. As a souvenir. To share. To document. To learn. For practise (drawing, cutting, editing etc).

  • Why am I the expert to create this map?

I am the expert to make this map because this map will be about my trip and I am the one taking my trip.

  • Who is my target audience?

Future travellers to Cap Ferret. Classmates. 'Les Folies du Bonheur' readers.

  • Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is going to be used/held? What other constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward? (Note type can be smaller on printed maps than when viewed on web)

Both. I want to create something that can be seen on web and shared easily, but also something tangable that can be reproduced and saved as a souviner. Every component will have to be clear and consise for veiwing legibilty on screen even though it may look silly when held.

  • What level of detail do I need to include? (Names, addresses, contact info, street names, website, hours, descriptions, color coding, etc.)

Enough informaion to tell users about and show the area and inspire them to develop their own trip, but not so much as to crowd my work. I'm not creating a guide, I want to inspire one.

Locations, routes, names of places, images.

  • Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to...

Edit! Keep my mind focused. And be my 'focus group' to tell me if my work is comprehensable or not!


Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 12 - student project

After watching Anne's lectures yesturday and going through the linked material and other classmates' project I made this;

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 13 - student project

So completely off brief as I digitalised it (made the 4 photos a gif) and it was not so simple and quick (as I thought it would be when I set out, it seemed easy in my head). I wanted to use my watercolour pencils for the hand-drawn map but they were under my bed where I've left them for 2 years since buying them and I had a sleeping dog on my lap. So, I used what ever was in arm's reach of my desk. Therefore, somewhat ironically, this map, that ended up being quite involved was born out of laziness. Anyway, now everyone knows where Cap Ferret is.

This morning I got started on the map I was supposed to do yesturday. I researched all the information I needed and mapped the locations I wanted to feature on a google map for accuracy. I came across a beautiful map of the Arcachon Bay by Heather Giltey (I posted an Amalfi map of hers above) and when I really looked at the map in my 'DK Eyewitness Travel' travel book, probably because I think Anne mentions these books as a reference, I realisesd how really beautifully simple it was. So I more or less used it as my inspiration.

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 14 - student project


Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 15 - student project

See you at the Cape map, by Heather Gitley: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/exploring-frances-cap-ferret

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 16 - student project

Bassin d'Arcachon, Dordogne, Bordeaux, & The Southwest Coast, pg 62-63, DK Eyewitness Travel.

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 17 - student project

My 'to-do' list and schedule on scrap paper.

Then I finally got drawing... watercoloured what I wanted, waited it to dry before adding illos, stamping the 'header' and adding the little red routes. Then put all the info opposite.

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 18 - student project

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 19 - student project

Vélo-ing to Cap Ferret - image 20 - student project