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What it is:

VeggieBucket is a hydroponic system for dummies.  It grows delicious vegetables right out of the box, and is easier to put together than a set of Legos.

Biggest Potential Holes:

  1. Price - how much are people willing to pay for such a product?
  2. Conditions - people live in all different places with different temperature, lighting, and humidity conditions may affect the quality of growth
  3. Time - the veggies may take too long to grow from seed to harvest time

Prototype #1: (sorry not sure why the photos are uploading sideways)

(above photo) Mini Tomato Plant 57 days after planting.  Starting to flower - will have tomatoes in the next few weeks!

Product Plans (Prototype in the Making):

My Questions to You:

  1. What features do you think are required for an MVP?  Do you think plant seeds, and nutrients are necessary, or is the product still viable if they are not included?
  2. Would you buy this product?  What is a fair price point, that you would purchase the product for?
  3. How much do you know about hydroponics vs. how interested you are in hydroponics?  How easy would this product have to be to put together and maintain for you to enjoy it?

Thanks for reading, and I sincerely appreciate any feedback you may have!  Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any reason at all!




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