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Veggie Dumplings are better than Takeout (SUCCESS!)

Hello, Just back from the market with all of my ingredients. Looking forward to gaining a little confidence in the kitchen. I became a vegetarian about 8 months ago. I eat a lot of raw veggies, but I've never been much a of a cook (thanks for nothing mom.) I’m ready to move past scrambled eggs and grilled cheese. My guy will also be pleased that I am tackling something new (and delicious!). No more takeout for me. More soon...


Success! these were fun to make! and sooo good! I am having my mom over later to strut my stuff a little, and to share of course.

I added carrots to my tofu filling mix, mostly for the color.

Also, turns out I'm a huge mess in the kitchen. And I need to work on my circles, they are a little wonky.Wonky is in though, right?

Thank you so much Joscelyn for a clear and easy tutorial. Next... dessert!






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