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Vegetable Venn

Hmm...started my project and got bored at the sketch stage. Which makes me think I'm just going to do something offbeat and fun, so I'm not so attached to the usefulness of it in terms of my 'work'

So...changing tack, I'm going to create some fun, simple overprint-y icons for what I call vegetable venn, or companion plants. I've already got sketches which are way more detailed and give some pairings, so the challenge would be to come up with (say) 12 icons which represent vegetables (and herbs/flowers) you can easily grow together (they are companions because they contribute positively to each other's growth.)

Because I think visually, I find it a challenge to trawl through listings of companion plants and then try to retain in my head which go with which, so the brief is to translate this 'unstructured lists' idea to a quick, simple icon scheme.

UPDATE 17 June:

I've been working on new branding for myself so I've got a colour palette and simple style to base these on. I like the overlaid colours here and the sense of organic tendrils mixed up with geometric lines.


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