Vegas in Dallas Girls Night Out

Essentials of Event Planning: Dallas in Vegas- Briana’s 23rd Birthday


When is the event? December 15th 2013


Who are the decision makers/Who has the money (are there sponsors)? Da’Shira/Briana


What is your budget? $800


• What do you want it to look like?

This event will make the participants feels as if they left Dallas for the evening and headed to a night in Las Vegas. The evening will begin with drinks and games at the birthday girl’s hotel, which is in the heart of the trendy uptown district room. This will begin the briefing and gives all details/directions necessary for the evening.  


The evening will continue with dinner at a trendy uptown restaurant that has a laid back feel but is infused with upbeat music. The ladies will stay at this location for approximately two hours before heading to a bar that is in close proximity to the restaurant. Possible locations Sfuzzis, Mi Cocina, Taco Dinner or I Fratelli Pizza.


The bar will be located in the trendy Uptown district off the popular cedar springs strip.  This will be a great location because everything is located within walking distance and is pedestrian friendly. This will reduce the need for transportation and thus help reduce the budget.


The third stop of the evening will be at the night club Plush. I will arrange for Taxi’s to pick up the girls to take them to the destination. There will be a pre-set credit for drink for the entire group. Once this has been spent, all expense will be out of pocket.


The final stop will be at one of the various restaurants open late for a late night snack.


• What are things that cannot move? The date and one specific club that Briana has chosen to end the night at and the budget cannot exceed $800.


What will make it yours?

I will make this event mine by infusing the wants of the birthday girl with my knowledge of the area and relationships with various restaurants/ bars.


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