Vegan Skincare Brand

Vegan Skincare Brand - student project


To provide 25-40 year old middle to upper class women and new moms with the simplest, most informative skincare solutions for anti-aging, organic, vegan, natural skincare. To help 25-40 year old women feel empowered and educated about their skincare choices by providing a transparent and informational brand.


35-100K income bracket, 25-40 year old women and new moms, living in cities but more specifically the secondary markets:  Portland, Dallas, Atlanta, etc.--- women who don't have access to as many "boutique options" as the women in cities may have. 

These women are young professionals who are just becoming aware of chemicals in their skincare and would like to know more, but are insanely confused by all of the information out there.

Insight (what the brand is trying to solve):

A relatively well informed, educated woman who wants to use healthier products on her skin, but doesn't want to do a ton of research and doesn't know where to start. 

Women are starting to feel unsafe about their cosmetics... attempting to solve this emotional conflict:

" Nothing is worse than feeling like the products you are putting on your skin may disfigure your unborn child, but how do I even know where to start?"

Key Idea:

To help women feel safe, empowered, informed (in the simplest way) and glowingly clean/sexy.

Supporting facts about the brand:

1. Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phlatate Free, Synthetic Fragrance and Synthetic Color Free.

2. No animal testing

3. Portion of the proceeds to go a womens organization devoted to eradicating sex trafficking.

3 Word Personality (brand's tone):

Clean, Inspiring, Sexy. 

The overall goal (just trying to write this out:) would be to create a vegan skincare brand that differentiates itself from other brands in these key ways:

1. Aside from selling products, the brand will provide information on skincare, health and wellness and vegan living. This information will be in the form of digital downloads (to grow the email marketing list) as well as infographics on DIY skincare, guides to avoiding bad chemicals in cosmetics, etc.

2. There will also be a subtle "self help" aspect associated with the brand. (This area is not as fleshed out yet). Something along the lines of info graphics with inspiring quotes, a weekly quote in your inbox, etc.