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Vegan Mushroom Dumplings


At leat once a month, my friend and I would go to have Dim Sum.  We were crazy for it and would stuff our faces until we could barely walk out of the restaurant.  

Well, about two and a half years ago, things changed because I became vegan.  Don't get me wrong, going vegan was the best decision that I have ever made, but sadly, it is rare to find a Chinese restaurant that serves vegan food here in America (even in Los Angeles) and that totally bums me out.  So, it goes without saying that my friend and I never get to "dim sum" together anymore.  *Insert sad face here*

Of course, one of my favorite dim sum items was the dumpling (only second to bao) so when I saw the Asian dumpling class on Skillshare, I was all over that like white on rice.  I knew the class wouldn't be vegan, but I thought that if I got the basic concept down, I would be able to make it happen.  And I did!

I basically just switched out the meat with ground up mushrooms, daikon, and carrot.  Besides that addition, the recipe basically stayed the same.  *Side note* I did have to strain my mixture a bit, because  of the mushrooms releasing liquid (even though I strained them prior to mixing) but really, it was no big deal.  

Admittedly, I ended up having to make this recipe twice- the first time I messed up my dumpling dough (hey, ish happens)...but the second time (I am delighted to say), the dumplings turned out to be delicious.  I wanted some feedback, so I shared them with my parents.   Turns out, my dad thought they had meat in them- ha.

This recipe is not hard.  It is, however, a little time consuming, so I won't be making it every week (dang it).  However, now that I know the process (by the end I was rolling out dough like a boss!), I would like to make these a few more timese and work on the presentation a little bit.  

Why? So I can invite my friend over to catch up on some much needed and deserved dim sum time.

 Now, for that bao....   


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