Below I've included the information I came up with before I began drawing.


Personality--> lazy, short-tempered, overall harmless

Backstory--> An immortal blob that has seen through the business operations at CTI enterprises since 1900--when they forced monsters into hiding. CTI placed all monsters with what monsters thought to be new jobs--but ended up being hiding places. Veemus, our main monster, was kept by CTI to speak the monster's language, and do everything else unpleasant, too.

Why can't Veemus move on?--> The president of CTI will not spare her reluctantly subservient helper--also he's always in trouble with his attitude and mouth

Life goals--> Doesn't seem to have any aspirations, but when he sleeps he imagines all the monsters out of hiding again

Strengths--> eating, making cracks, avoiding work, manipulating pres of CTI, storytelling when feeling nostalgic

Weaknesses-->never being serious, uncontrollable mouth 


With this I made a rough sketch of Veemus. I outlined the sketch in sharpie. I also did another version of it, blacked out. I hoped to test my character's silhouette this way.

Any thoughts are appreciated!



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