Vector textures

Vector textures - student project

I created the textures from brushes and from some ink marks on a piece of paper. For the first top left I used the same brush as Helen. The next two are the same scatterbrush I made, but at two different sizes. Bottom right one is the same scatter brush as well but bigger. Bottom left is another scatter brush with circular marks. The middle one is from ink marks on paper.

I am still debating over the right size for these textures. It was hard to work with the very small bits. I had a lot of no stroke no fill paths left behind and it took some time to fish them all out. I think I still have some left over. As well, the no stroke no fill square used for cropping were left behind. Of course the smaller the pieces the more tedious the process.

However, it could be quite addictive to make textures because there are so many things that could be used for this purpose ...Thanks Helen!