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Vector Sword Art

Sketch and References 

Being a long time follower of the blog, I already had a plethora of sword ideas in the back of my mind. My sketch is mostly influenced by the German Zweihänder sword, a large double-edged, two-handed sword.



For the details of the sword, I wanted the sword to look as though it belonged to dragon warrior/rider. I wanted the cross-guard to resemble dragons wings and the detail along the blade its tail. The gems and gold metal represents a dragon’s love of treasure.



The only step I did a little different from Hayden's was the method for creating my vector version. From previous work I tend to vector trace over my sketches, so I did the same with the sword. The tip on how to use the Reflect Tool was one I didn’t know and was super helpful for this project. 

Greyscale Models



Colour Model


Final Artwork


Final Thoughts

Beforehand I rarely used gradients in my work so this was definitely a fun way to learn how to use those. Parts that I found the trickiest was learning how the curved edges and gems interacted with the light. I might go back in a play around with gems a bit more and see how life-like I can make them. Overall this was a great project and I'm really happy with end result. :)


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