Ana Hurka-Robles

Web Producer & Videographer



Vastrm Social Media Strategy

My very first attempt at a social media strategy...quite an eye opening experience.


Per Month Traffic Data via Compete

Demographic Data on RalphLauren and Lacoste via Quantcast

Custom Polo Keyword Timings and Geographical Demographics via Google Trends

How Do People Talk About Custom Polo Shirts Online? data via Twitter Advanced Search Topsy.

Additional Insight I Didn't Have Time To Figure Out What To Do With:

Vastrm and custom dress shirt companies are most popular in costal metropolitian areas like New York and San Francisco - yet the highest search interest for "custom polo" are in southern states like Texas and Georgia.

Only 11% of American Male consumers buy clothing online and research online first. 14% of UK males do, and only 2% of canadian males do.


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