Various watercolours

Various watercolours - student project

Some watercolours that I have! These are swatched on regular cartridge paper for my own reference, so they would look a lot smoother and nicer on watercolour paper.


Various watercolours - image 1 - student project

Various watercolours - image 2 - student project

Some of the Kurataki Gansai Tambi colours! I'd really recommend these to beginners, as not only are they super affordable, but due to how the paint seems to sit more on top of the paper rather than soaking in you can get away with using a much lighter (and cheaper) paper!

They do have some drawbacks; they don't layer very well at all, and they do dry quite shiny, but overall they're super fun to use! 


Various watercolours - image 3 - student project

Various watercolours - image 4 - student project

These are my sennelier watercolours. The caput mortum is one of my favourite colours, it has this really beautiful soft granulation to it.

All of the colours are wonderful to paint with, they glaze beautifully for stronger colours, as well as providing some pretty soft colours without having to add too much water! They're also not too expensive for western watercolours; I got some of these for between $6-$7 AUD on Jacksons, and the 8 on the left in set for about $38 AUD!


Various watercolours - image 5 - student project

These white nights paints are also super affordable, at about $3 AUD for a whole pan!

They do have an interesting texture to them when they dry, but it's not super noticeable. Overall the colours are really nice, and they have some really interesting pigments in their line that aren't available elsewhere.


Various watercolours - image 6 - student project

I got most of these on sale from Jane Davenports website for super cheap, and they're really nice!

The Schmincke paints are all really smooth and creamy, with super bright colours. The winsor and newton paints are also super nice. The Cobalt Green Deep in particular has a really nice granulating effect, and mixes really beautifully with every other paint I've put with it. 


Various watercolours - image 7 - student project

Various watercolours - image 8 - student project

And finally the only handmade paints I currently own. These come from Violet Connie Art on etsy, and they have some really beautiful colours!

I have the aussie nature palette, the tasty true triad, and the magic dust palette, all in super generous dot samples. The colours all have a very high pigment load, and the metallic paints are all really nice and opaque. The only issue I have with these is that I noticed recently that where I've used them in a sketchbook the colours are rubbing off onto the opposite page, but as long as you use them either with nothing on the opposite page, or on loose sheets of paper, they're really nice!!