Various urban sketches

Various urban sketches - student project

I have followed this class and drawn every exercise up to video no.35. Then, it gave me the confidence I needed to tackle on my own projects. So far, a few of them turned out good, even though I feel that I may be drawing too many details. Maybe it's just a matter of style? Anyway, here are some of the drawings I have done since using the techniques learned in this class:


1. Paris: reference photo taken by Matt Hardy and found on

 Various urban sketches - image 1 - student project 

Various urban sketches - image 2 - student project


2. Zephyr Cafe, Squamish, BC: painting based on Google Street View


Various urban sketches - image 3 - student project


Various urban sketches - image 4 - student project



3. Cégep de Saint-Laurent: I took the reference photo in 2009.


Various urban sketches - image 5 - student project

Various urban sketches - image 6 - student project

 Thank you very much for your class! It was complete, instructive and relevant. :)