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Various Moodboards

Prior to this class, I had a basic understanding of Photoshop, but was eager to learn some tips and tricks of the basics to improve the speed of my workflow.

For beginners considering this class, I would highly recommend it. I had previous experience of creating moodboards in Photoshop, but the tips and tricks I learnt from this class will increase the speed of my workflow dramatically, save file space and provide me with a more organised workspace in the future.

I decided to dig up some photographs of characters that I took during my time in China in 2010 on a university exchange programme to create a moodboard for this class as I wanted to use my own content. I used the techniques Meg suggested to first improve the look of my photographs in Photoshop, saved them for use on the web and then used them in my moodboard.

Here is my outcome.

I am happy with the result. These were photographs that were being left unused in a folder on my computer and now I have a document which I can refer to both as visual inspiration and for memories of my time in China.

This course has definitely taught me the value of moodboards in additional to technical skills.



Just over a week later, I found some more images from my trip to china to collate into another moodboard - this time of the Chinese calligraphy I saw. I think that these memory moodboards will be extremely useful when I am looking for inspiration - rather than having to flick through each photograph separately, I will be able to look at a set of photographs and pick out details/themes that I may not have otherwise noticed.



Time for another moodboard! All images from Marvel Romance comics.


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