Variety of Animal Drawings

Variety of Animal Drawings - student project

I took this course because the variety of animals he shows us how to draw it was a bonus that i got to understand how to move my drawing in 3D

Variety of Animal Drawings - image 1 - student project

For never drawing cows before I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out the technique really helped And pointing out that the ears were actually quite large was definitely something that I would've missed

Variety of Animal Drawings - image 2 - student project

pretty fun drawing cats something easy when you have one around your house the large cats were interesting to draw

Variety of Animal Drawings - image 3 - student project

I've never drawn birds before I appreciated the explanation of the wind anatomy I will toughly be taking the bird course - Drawing Birds: The Essential Guide. im going Keep pushing my comfort level

Variety of Animal Drawings - image 4 - student project

Very easy and very cute would like to know how to draw the body but I'm assuming it's pretty simple mostly oval shapes 

Variety of Animal Drawings - image 5 - student project

One of the last thing i did was learning how to draw on the Tigers facial patterns. I did a really quick face I should've stopped and taken more time as adding more features on top of it. The face started to look too long, they're definitely is a point to making sure I'll your reference points are in the right places. There's some issues with it but for a sketch under 10 minutes it looks fine, it was more learning about the markings and shading

Variety of Animal Drawings - image 6 - student project

Jess Andrews