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Variety Donuts Rebranding

1. Introduction: (1/22/2014)

Hello! This is a project where I aim to actually finish compared to the other classes I enrolled in. Those other classes were used as a refresher on typography and learning the basics with illustrator. But now, I'm ready to get to the nitty gritty of graphic design and learn the "what to do's" and "what not to do's". To be quite honest, I was a little burnt out learning about the other classes, but this class is a refreshing course where I'm learning so many new things with the themes of organization and procedures. So enough about the intro, let's get started.

A. Creative Brief:

Background: Variety Donuts is a small family run donut shop in the small neighboring city of California's capital. The small hole in the wall serves a large variety of donuts that'll bring a smile to any customer that looks for a treat.

Problem: Variety Donuts has fallen in it sales and lacks the visual branding for promotions. The former target audience has gotten older while the shop needs to be rebranded in terms of the store itself and its company branding. The new owner needs a lot of work to gain a new audience for their great service and tasty sweets.

Objective: Create a brand new identity that reflects the personality of the city, food and service, portraying Variety Donuts as fun, laid back, and family friendly.

Target Audience: Anyone looking forward to kicking back while enjoying a delicious snack or those who want to lounge with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Also those who want a quick snack.

Message: "Treat yourself to some Variety!" "Variety Donuts aims to please the sweetest tooth! We want you to relax while enjoying some freshly fried goodness. Or if you're a morning person in a rush, we open early to energize your morning with a hot brewed cup of coffee."

Local Competition: Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, City Donuts, Eagle Cafe

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Family run in West Sacramento since 1996
  • Large Variety of Donuts baked Fresh every morning
  • Fast and friendly service who treats customers like family
  • Extremely transparent where the owner aims to befriend anyone who walks into the door

Creative Considerations:

  • Warm Tones like a pink frosted donut, Black and White
  • showcase the variety in iconography
  • Must be able to seen in print ads, web, boxes, signage, etc


  • Modernly-Vintage
  • Hip
  • Family Friendly
  • Laid Back

B. Mood Board

- - - - -

2. Color: (Updated 1/23/14)

A. Color Palette

The color palette here was the most popular to the client that resembled their best selling donut. You got the color of the widely popular hot pink frosting, the color of a glazed raised or the maple frosting of the maple bar, the color of the cake donut, and the color of dark chocolate frosting.

B. Competition's Logos

Looking at the competition's logos, you see a lot of greens and reds. While Dunkin' Donuts has similar colors to the chosen color palette above, DD is mostly located in the East Coast. The color palette chosen will be used in a less bubbly format, and a more faux-vintage theme.


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