Variation of my setup

Variation of my setup - student project

Just going off the Brewing Tools and Equipment to start off:


1. Bag of coffee (box in this case) - Variation of my setup - image 1 - student project

Was excited about this one since it was the first Gesha I've been able to get my hands on in a non-coffee shop setting. I usually hesitate on buying Gesha's because of the price point, but this one wasn't too bad. I just wish this was naturally processed instead of washed. 


2. I use a Baratza Encore and grind closer to a V60 recommended setting instead of the usual Chemex number even though I'm using a Chemex for the time being during the quarantine since I'm not in my usual home in Tampa. I also have a hand grinder for Turkish coffee grinding so I can avoid putting that stress on my Baratza. I will probably upgrade my Baratza and shell out money for the Fellow Ode grinder soon.


3. Fellow is the religion I pray too, I use a Stagg EKG kettle, matte black of course - I'm no barbarian. 

4. Digital scale, nothing too special, just one that is consistent. 


5.  I don't use a timer, I personally believe if you rely on timers you're missing out on developing a nose and natural feel for your brewing. 


6. Currently on the market for a refractometer, at some point I will make the investment. A couple roasters here in Phoenix offer classes to the public, and one of them I frequent uses a refractometer to gauge their quality and teach from, I believe I've calibrated my palate enough to gauge what a good extraction tastes like for the time being.


7. I use a variety of brewers; my go-to is a December dripper which is more flat than semi-conical which I believe gives it a good balance of flavors over fully-flat or fully-conical brewers. I also frequently use a V60. My other brewers are: Chemex, aeropress, and an Ibrik (which is a personal favorite).  The UC Davis coffee center is putting out some interesting work for anyone interested in the science of coffee brewing beyond what is covered here. 


8. Natural Chemex bonded filter, heavily rinsed 


9/10. No apps used


11. There should be a section for filtered water since it is arguably the most important component. Good beans, grinder, brewer and extraction technique can't mask the influence of bad water. 


I also like to drink out of stoneware ceramics with sandy finish, exclusively using ceramics from a local artist named Miro, her work is used a lot in many third wave coffee shops in Phoenix and I believe some in California. MiroMadeThis, for those interested. Drinking from stoneware has a grounded and natural feel to it, and I love the effect it has on my taste experience. Sciencedirect released an article in their April 2020 Journal of Food Quality and Preference called - Cup texture influences taste and tactile judgments in the evaluation of specialty coffee - which explores the relationship between cup texture and coffee experience/judgement by amateurs and specialty coffee experts (Q-graders). 


Anyways, I should probably stop rambling. Hope you're all doing well!