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Diana K




Vargas Family Crest

I enjoyed this class immensly, and I learned SO MUCH. Thank Aaron Draplin, for everything! I think I've learned more about Illustrator from this class than I did in 4 years of college. 

I am doing a family crest for my family! Will possibly get it printed on a shirt before going to our yearly family get together in November. It's my parent's 30 year wedding anniversary, so it's a big one! 

We are from Costa Rica, so I wanted to include items from my country. The Carreta, and the mountains from the Costa Rican Crest. The double Rs for my parent's names, and the soccer ball, because we are a family of soccer enthusiasts! 

This is just what I came up with, I'm sure once my family sees it they will have more input, and I will update it as I go! 

I started out with the Laurels, tried the same stle that was taught in the class, and then did my own. 


I did the same shapes as he taught us, including the banner (and the perogies, because yum!)


Then I strated doing my own items:



This is what I came up with for the final family crest! 
Please let me know what you think! I appreciate any and all input! 




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