Lindsay Zasada

Photographer/Graphic Designer @ ZazMonsterDesigns



Vanity Vogue Trains for The Gay 5K with The Pride Center of WNY!

Slowly stumbled my way through Illustrator tonight.  I found the perspective graph (which is helpful, but haven't quite figured out how to change it to the particular shape I'd like it in order to begin animating the black/pink box I've come up with)  and made some random shapes.  The upper right of this photo is the general design I'm thinking of using.  Just have to figure out how to animate it now.  I want to do a clockwise "pie" swipe on the pink circle, then "pop" in the black square and then lettering.  I'm also thinking about having the work "Trains" fall down hard (think a tree falling where the S is closest to the roots) on the circle and the "for" kind of falls off or breaks off of "Trains".  We'll see how far I get!  Its a good start though.

I work for a non-profit in Buffalo, NY that specializes in HIV/AIDS care and prevention.  We work with The Pride Center of WNY to plan and put on The Pride Festival to benefit the LGBT population in our community.  This year  The Pride Festival has expanded to a whole week and now includes a Gay 5K run to benefit The Pride Center of WNY's programming which is 100% free to the public.  I shot this little promo for the 5K run with local celeb Vanity Vogue, training for The Gay 5K and looking fabulous doing it.  And, I thought a flashy trendy animated title sequence was just what it needed.  Looking forward to getting started!

Inspiration:   Beautiful.   The "badge" type vector effects are what I'm going for with this project.


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